AUTORIV ASN clinch nut

Clinch nuts and studs

ASN inexpensive clinch nut for conventional performance requirements. It is used for a wide variety of clamping ranges and materials. Widely used at Tier1 level.


Sheet thickness: From 2mm, adaptable to thicknesses from 1mm

Thread: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20

Outer diameter: Small

Workpiece material: Steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium

Pull through force: ++++

Torque:                    ++++

Push out force:       ++++

In use at car manufacturer OEMs in Germany, Europe and the USA

+ This clinch nut was purposely developed for automated feeding and processing.

Table of contents

  1. Application area
  2. Application examples
  3. Highlights
  4. Automation
  5. Customized configuration
  6. Performance

Application area

Suitable for: Insertion in metal sheets with tensile strength less than 600N/mm². It can be used in galvanized, painted metal sheets

Sheet thickness: Used for metal sheets with thicknesses from 2mm upwards without limitation. Adaptable for sheets with thicknesses from 1mm

Sheet metal bottom: Flat without indentation, optimal fastening characteristics (clamping with a large surface area)

Pilot hole preparation: Pre-punched pilot hole according to AUTORIV specifications

Die: Use of a flat die (optimal downtimes)

Installation: Torque absorbers move and shape the material into the collar undercut

Used in: Sheet metal, aluminum profiles/ extruded profiles, aluminum casting, magnesium casting, hydroformed parts

ASN clinch nut clinching fastener Cross Section Detail
Cross section - ASN clinch nut in sheet metal

Application examples

  • Lightweight construction
  • Electric and hybrid cars
  • Body-in-white, module carriers, battery trays, bumpers, crash boxes, doors, lids, engine hoods, axles, hinges, seats, safety systems, instrument panels, reinforcements, sun roofs, roof panels
  • Truck trailer manufacturing, heavy trucks, agricultural machines
  • HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Electronic components and devices
  • Elevators, escalators, conveyors
  • White goods


+ Very low press-in forces

  • Lighter C-frame on the robot
  • Larger projections / overhangs possible
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Pressing into undercuts or profiles is easier to handle than with other fasteners

+ Minor material movement during the press-in process

Lower risk of warping of workpieces, especially with many setting positions

+ Flat die

  • Lower risk of warping of work pieces
  • Flat sheet metal bottom with largest surface possible for the preload through tightening

+ Multi-purpose use without changing the geometry. Customized solutions for sheet thicknesses less than 2mm possible

  • No diversity, less stock requirement
  • No risk of mix-up (Incorrect fasteners in incorrect application)
  • (Re-)use of existing automation / tooling, thus reduction of investment
ASN clinch nut clinching fastener Detail banner

+ Simple mechanical compensation of positional tolerances possible (standard +/-0,5mm)

Greater compensation possible with custom design

  • Ensuring optimal pressing: No "NOK pressings" with risk of subsequent complaints and quality costs
  • No frequent re-teaching of the robot necessary
  • Ensuring high availability and output, thus cost reduction

+ Small diameter

Setting in limited installation spaces is possible


The automations effectiveness and the quality of the end product are largely determined by fastener quality.
For optimal results, we perfectly match the fastener and the automation / tooling. This ensures high availability of the automation, high production output and high quality of the end product.

+ With us, the development of the automation technology comes together with the development of the fasteners

+ Each fastener is 100% vision inspected before it is shipped to you

Autoriv automation clinching fasteners assembly systems automation robot in-die tools

Customized configuration

We have a tailored solution for you. We are happy to make fastener adjustments for your specific application. A variety of parameters, related to the field of application, geometry, characteristics and surface of the fastener, are optimized according to your requirements.

+ Customized developments are one of our strengths! If your specific requirements cannot be met with a standard application, we will be happy to provide you with a suitable custom solution

+ Customized solutions that we develop for you, are verified for functionality

Within application testing, we simulate your production environment and test functional parameters and relevant characteristics of the fastener.

Thread: M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20

Thread proof load: Thread proof load according to class 10

Thread pitch: 0,8 x d

Thread tolerance: 6G, 6H

Thread coating as optional feature: Nycote, Precote

Surface protection: Various surface coatings possible, according to customer requirements

Prevailing Torque Locking Feature (PVT): Available as optional feature

Further adjustments are possible on request.


Outer diameter - pull through force: Small outer diameter as standard for use in limited installation space. Outer diameter can be configured for specific application

Under-head serration - torque: Under-head knurls for high torque absorption

Collar - push out force: Collar with undercut to provide push out forces

ASN clinch nut clinching fastener head geometry performance
Under-head geometry of the ASN clinch nut
ASN Einpressmutter Dickbleche Press-in nut product data
ProductThread (d3)Outer diameter in mm (d1)Collar diameter in mm (d2)Height in mm (l1)Max. collar height in mm (l2)Polot hole diameter in mm (Ø -0.1)Min. sheet thickness in mm (s)
ASN clinch nutM47.905.382.000.975.531.00
ASN clinch nutM58.706.382.000.976.531.00
ASN clinch nutM611.058.724.080.978.871.00
ASN clinch nutM812.6510.475.470.9710.621.00
ASN clinch nutM1016.5012.677.900.9712.821.00
ThreadMaterialSheet thickness (mm)Push out force (kN)Torsional strength (Nm)
M10Stahl 2.0221.50
M10Aluminium 1.7627.10

These values are for orientation only and are not binding. 
Tests were conducted in steel H320 LA and aluminum EN AW-5754.

Possible assembly systems

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