ARN rivet nut

for automated feeding and processing

ARN rivet nut sheet metal 0.7mm steel aluminum m6 m8 m10 m12

Rivet nut for highest torque and push-out forces, for ordinary pull-through forces. Suitable for water-tight and gas-tight applications. In use at car manufacturers (OEM) in Germany, Europe and the USA.

Sheet thickness - Used for metal sheets with thicknesses from 0.7mm to 3mm

Thread - M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14

Workpiece material - Steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium

Outer diameter - Medium

Pull-through force - High

Torque - Very high

Push-out force - Very high

ARN rivet nut dimensions steel aluminum m6 m8 m10 m12
Thread (d3)Outer diameter in mm (d1)Collar diameter in mm (d2)Height in mm (l1)Max. collar height in mm (l2)Polot hole diameter in mm (Ø -0,1)Sheet thickness in mm (s)
M513.009.005.503.509.150.70 - 3.00
M613.009.005.503.509.150.70 - 3.00
M816.0011.507.504.0011.650.70 - 3.00
 M1019.3014.809.604.5014.950.70 - 3.00
M1223.0015.7011.504.5015.850.70 - 3.00
ThreadMaterialSheet thickness (mm)Push out force (kN)Torsional strength (Nm)

These values are for orientation only and are not binding. 
Tests were conducted in steel H320 LA and aluminum EN AW-5754.

Thread proof loadPitch x threadThread toleranceThread coating as an optionSurface finishPVT as an option
according to class 8, 100.8 x d6G, 6HNycote, PrecoteVarious surface coatings possibleYes

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Application and function

Suitable for: Insertion in metal sheets with tensile strength less than 800N/mm², water-tight and gas-tight applications

Sheet metal bottom: Indentation on sheet metal bottom. The rivet collar is approx. 0.2mm behind sheet metal bottom

Pilot hole preparation: Pre-punched pilot hole with embossing according to AUTORIV specifications

Die: Use of a special rivet die. Rivet collar or die should be oiled


Installation: The rivet collar is formed and folded over the sheet metal. The wedge under-head ribs are pressed into the sheet metal during the setting process.

Outer diameter - pull-through force: Medium outer diameter, also suitable for aluminum applications, good pull through force

Under-head serration - torque: Wedge under-head ribs for high torque absorption, especially in higher-strength metal sheets

Collar - push-out force: Formable rivet collar that folds over the sheet metal and provides a very high push out force

ARN Rivet Nut riveting Fastener Cross Section Detail
Cross section - ARN rivet nut in sheet metal


Highest possible torque and push-out forces, better than with clinch nuts or self-piercing nuts

Customized solutions for sheet thicknesses above 3mm possible

  • Suitable for sheet metal tensile strengths where conventional clinching fasteners or self-piercing nuts can not be used, from 600Mpa to approx. 800Mpa limit
  • For custom applications, sheet metal with tensile strength from 800Mpa to 1,400 Mpa or higher is suitable

Processing technology