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Fastener development

Design of new, application-specific fasteners

In the development of fasteners we use a variety of methods to evaluate your application from different angles in the most versatile way possible. To determine the right material, assembly requirements and fastening concept, we follow the simultaneous engineering principle and perform application analysis and testing. We support you with our large development capacity to ensure maximum performance from every fastener.

To achieve the best possible results, we recommend that you contact our specialists right from the initial phase of your product design. Throughout the entire process, you have a single contact partner who supports you in all aspects of your project.

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Know-how for optimization of a fastener

blind rivet nut insert nut development special design fastener variations custom solution

Customized developments are one of our strengths. From many years of experience, we know what is important for automation grade fasteners and how to optimize a fastener for subsequent automatic feeding and processing. Thus, even a small modification to the fastener may open up the potential for decisive cost reductions and ensuring high availability.

We take care of the adaptation of fasteners for your specific application. A variety of parameters related to the field of application, geometry, characteristics and surface of the fastener, are optimized according to your requirements.

If your specific requirements are not met by our standard application, we will provide you with a customized solution that fits your needs. Our customized solutions, which we develop for you, are verified for their functionality as a matter of course. We perform application tests and prove the functional parameters as well as other relevant specifications of the fastener.

Application example

Blind rivet nut with special design for series production

blind rivet nut insert nut development special design fastener variations custom solution application

A recent application of blind-rivet nuts in an MDS assembly system led to problems regarding the performance values and the hole detection. The selected standard element by a competitor was used beyond the border area and could thus no longer fulfill the requirements.

Through optimizations in the clamping area and the threading tip, MDS has been able to guarantee the performance of the blind-rivet nut as well as its successful setting process. These adjustments in combination with an optimized supply chain for the lateral entry into the series, the production can now be continued without any problems.

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