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Blind rivet nuts and studs

blind rivet fasteners blind inserts blind rivet nuts studs screws

Our blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs are designed for automated process-safe feeding and installation. In the setting process, only one-sided accessibility is required, for example in processing of closed profiles.

The blind rivet fasteners are available in various configurations, sizes and shapes:
Body shape - round, fullhex or halfhex
Head diameter - large flange or small countersunk head
Head height - large or small

Blind rivet nuts and studs are suitable for various applications and materials:
They can be adapted to soft and hard materials, low to high sheet thicknesses, and low to medium loads. Even wider ranges of sheet thicknesses are possible in general.

Requirements for the use of blind rivet fasteners
Head support of the counter sheet: In the assembled stage, the metal sheet must be on top of the head of the blind rivet nut. Fastening without head support is not admissible. Otherwise, this has to be reviewed in detail.

Blind rivet fasteners with hexagonal shank / fullhex

All-purpose application, used in rigid materials

Processing technology

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