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Clinch nuts, clinch studs, rivet nuts, self-piercing nuts

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Our clinching fasteners - clinch nuts, clinch studs, rivet nuts and self-piercing nuts are designed for fully automated, process-safe feeding and processing.

Our services and further benefits for you

  • High availability and extensive portfolio of standard fasteners and special designs
  • Our Know-how for optimization of a fastener
  • Development of new, application-specific fasteners
  • 100% control with the most modern test methods, including digital meaurements by means of high-resolution cameras and lasers as well as mechanical function tests
  • Application tests under later framework conditions
  • Development of cost reduction potentials

Clinch nuts

Clinch nuts for various sheet thicknesses, also available as special designs. Joining is done by sheet metal deformation

Rivet nuts

Joint is created by deformation of the fastener, pre-punched pilot hole with embossing required. Suitable for water-tight and gas-tight applications. Also available as special designs

Combination of nut and spacer

High-strength structural connection with one-sided accessibility, e.g. in closed profiles. Patented spin-pull process.

Processing technology

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