Multi-Setting Workstation for Rivet Nut Installation

Simultaneous assembly of multiple blind rivet fasteners

autoriv automation a250 multi-setting workstation assembly system installation blind rivet fasteners rivet nut stud screw bolt

The A250-BI is a multi-setting workstation for installation of blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs / screws.

This system enables the simultaneous assembly of multiple blind rivet fasteners. The multi-setting system can significantly reduce installation time and costs.

In this application example, the workstation includes two portable tools for blind rivet fasteners, so the basic structure of the assembly system is similar to A230-BI robotic tool.

The processed component is inserted into the assembly cell by an operator. The setting units are then moved to the component. The blind rivet fasteners are fed in via a feeding system.

Processed fasteners - blind rivet nuts and blind rivet screws

Fastener body shape - round, hexagonal / fullhex, partial hexagonal / halfhex

Fastener thread size - M5, M6, M8, M10

Working direction - from top to bottom

Advantages of the multi-setting workstation

  • Fully automatic, process-reliable installation of fasteners
  • Short cycle times
  • Efficient tool movements with minimum wear
  • Cost savings due to automatic loading, feeding and setting processes
  • Feeding system and controller module are placed outside the danger zone
  • Process monitoring with force-displacement evaluation


Multi-setting workstations for various fasteners

Due to the modular design of the multi-setting system, different combinations of individual setting tools are possible. The component can be inserted by the operator or by the robot. The multi-setting workstation can be integrated into a higher-level system.

Adaptations are made for your special requirements such as:

  • Adaptation to the processed component and the required component depths
  • Adaptation to the processed fastener - clinching fasteners, blind rivet fasteners, spacers / standoffs, screw-in fasteners, clips
  • Supply with fasteners


Assembly cell with two A230-BI tools - installation of blind rivet nuts and studs

The component - a crossbeam - is inserted into the component holder. The correct position of the inserted component is monitored by sensors. The X-Y portal with the setting tools is in the home position, centered behind the component.

The operator starts the sequence. After the start release, the machine safety gate closes. The grippers of the component fixture close, these are self-locking and remain locked even if the pneumatics are interrupted.

The setting process starts. The X-Y portal is used to move to the positions of the fasteners to be set. The blind rivet fasteners are installed into the component with the corresponding setting tool. The right setting tool is for blind rivet nuts, the left one for blind rivet studs.

Once all blind rivet fasteners have been installed on the first side of the component, the X-Y portal moves to the home position. The locking of the component holder is released and a swivel drive rotates the component holder by 90 degrees. The locking mechanism locks the component fixture again.

Now all blind rivet fasteners of the second surface are set. The component holder is then swiveled again and the fasteners of the third surface are set.

When all fasteners have been installed correctly, the component holder swivels back to its original starting position. The X-Y portal moves to the home position, the grippers and the safety gate open. Finally, the operator removes the component.

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