autoriv a100 in die installation system fasteners automation press punching forming tool transfer progressive die clip snap in nut

In-Die Installation System for snap-in nuts and clips

Assembly under the press in punching and forming tools

The setting head JAI (J-Nut Aktive Insertion) is a fully automatic in-die installation system for snap-in nuts and clips. The system is suitable for progressive dies and transfer dies. The setting head is installed in the press to apply such fasteners to sheet metal components during the press process.

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Installation and processing

autoriv fasteners automation a100 setting head jai press installation tool press application transfer die tool progressive die clip snap in nut sheet metal components workpiece
Setting head JAI - Installation in the press tool

The setting head processes snap-on nuts / clips that are pushed onto the side of a sheet metal part. These fasteners are not inserted into the part through the press

by a plunger (press-in mandrel). The setting head uses cylinders instead of a plunger.


autoriv fasteners automation a100 setting head jai press tool press application transfer die tool progressive die clip snap in nut sheet metal components workpiece
Snap-in nuts for high-strength applications; JAI setting head for snap-in nuts and clips

Setting process

The setting head is connected to the associated feeding system for press applications and is supplied with snap-in nuts / clips through a shot hose. When a clip is in the setting position, a release signal is sent to the press. Without a release signal, the press stops.

The snap-in nut is shot into the setting head and pushed onto a sheet metal part from the setting position. Regardless of the press tool, the fastener is not pressed by a plunger, but pushed on by a cylinder.

Main process

The main process co-ordinates the part request to the feeding system. It ensures that the snap-in nuts / clips are moved to the setting position on time and monitors the press strokes by interrogating the press cams.

Air supply

A pneumatic connection on the feed system transfers compressed air to the setting head.


High production reliability and quality

All important functions in the setting head are sensor-monitored with communication to the feeding system to stop the press in case of a malfunction well before top dead center (TDC) and thus avoid die damage.

Fast stroke rates

If a snap-in nut is in the setting position and still being processed, the next snap-in nut can already be reloaded. The next fastener can therefore be shot into the setting head in parallel with the processing of one fastener. This means that higher processing speeds can be achieved even with long shot hose lengths.

Safety during coil changes and with empty parts in production (transfer dies)

The feed cylinder only moves to the setting position when a snap-in nut is to be installed. Transfer die: If there is no workpiece, the feed cylinder does not move to the setting position. It moves when a workpiece is present. The empty part sensor is either in the transfer grippers or in the tool itself. Coil change: When a coil change is required, the feed cylinder remains in the home position and the coil can be retracted as if there were no setting head installed in the tool.

Quick commissioning

The setting head has quick-release couplings for the shot hose and the multifunction hose for communication with the feeding system. There is no need to connect individual cables. This saves time and eliminates connection errors.

Technical data

Installation width:

Pneumatic supply:

Control voltage:

Press-in force / path:

Cycle time:

Interfering edge / Possible component depth:

Working direction:


*Depending on the fastener and length of the shot hose.

50 / 60 / 70 / 80 mm

6 bar from feeding system

24 V / DC from feeding system

pneumatic, depending on component

up to 60 cycles/min*

according to customer requirements

Alignment of the setting head possible in all directions

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