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Our many years of experience and know-how in both fastening and automation technology set us apart from other system suppliers. With our comprehensive system solutions, you can minimize your production costs while increasing product quality, thus strengthening your position on the world market.

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Expert advice for optimal results

Comprehensive view of your application

We would like to offer you not only the optimal, but also the most efficient way of fasteners assembly. We offer solutions with different levels of automation. Your application determines which of our systems is the most cost-efficient for you.

With our expertise, we cover all conceivable requirements for a fastening system. By taking a comprehensive view of your application, we work with you to develop the best solution.


Development of cost reduction potentials

Product Teardowns - disassembly of products is an effective way to increase efficiency. Through systematic disassembly and accompanying analysis, our engineers can find new solutions to reduce the number of fasteners used and determine an assembly system best suited to your needs.

Product teardowns can save a high amount of costs, along with providing increased end-product reliability.

In cooperation with you, we review the application at hand in detail and identify new solution approaches. Often, the assembly process can be made much more efficient, while increasing the manufacturing quality simultaneously.

Particularly in the case of new developments, it is often possible to move to different joining processes or new fasteners in combination with the right automation. Significant cost savings in new developments are the key objective here.

autoriv fasteners automation service services consulting development production costs comparison rivet ball studs orbital riveting welding screws diagram
Example BPR rivet ball stud: Cost comparison - 1. press riveting 2. orbital riveting 3. welding 4. bolting