Essential benefits of comprehensive system solutions

Our system solutions offer you significant benefits. Our expertise in the areas of fastening & feeding technology, automated assembly solutions, transfer and progressive dies - with a focus on the area of automated cold joining technology is unique.
The ability to combine these capabilities enables us to consider all crucial aspects of your application - from initial concept to resulting production. As a result of this streamlined process, we are able to deliver you the best solution quickly and efficiently.

More than a system solution

System Solution

A cost effective application can only be achieved, when combining every aspect of your production needs. 

The AUTORIV concept goes beyond a regular system solution consisting of fasteners and automation modules, In addition, we can offer transfer & progressive dies and custom automation eliminating multi-vendor issues.

AUTORIV can be a “One-Stop” for your fastener application requirements.

AUTORIV system solutions benefits fasteners assembly

Development, production, and delivery of:

  •     Fasteners (nuts and spacer)
  •     Feeders
  •     Setting heads
  •     Automated transfer-die modules for nut & spacer assemblies
  •     Turn-key final assembly equipment with complete process control for the I-panel carrier (Multiple systems within North America, Europe & Asia)

More than one joining process

AUTORIV system solutions benefits fasteners assembly joining prozess

Complex products generally require more than one fastening method such as orbital riveting, screwing, blind riveting, clinching etc.
AUTORIV is your optimal partner for implementing more than one fastening process in one application.

An AUTORIV solution offers a turn-key system from one source. Due to our vertical integration, you get the best solution with an outstanding price–performance ratio.

AUTORIV system solutions benefits blind rivet fasteners assembly joining prozess

Magnesium trunk door: Fully automated turn-key robotic cell containing the following fastening methods:

  •     Automated magazine feeding and positioning of 6 sheet-metal parts
  •     Automated setting of 6 high-strength blind rivets with AUTORIV setting heads and feeders
  •     Automated spin-pull riveting of 18 rivet nuts (M5, M6, M8) with AUTORIV setting heads and feeders
  •     Automated setting and spin-pull riveting of 4 rivet/grounding bolts with AUTORIV setting heads and feeders
  •     Automated feeding and screwing of 4 special nuts onto grounding bolts with AUTORIV nut runners
  •     Product testing and quality control
  •     AUTORIV Viso software for product tracking & traceability

More than a standard solution

AUTORIV system solutions benefits fasteners assembly

AUTORIV offers more than just system solutions for standard fasteners and standard automation. With our expertise and development capacity, we manufacture customized special fasteners and custom automation for any fastener application. 

Over the past few decades, AUTORIV’s modular systems have been successfully proven to work within a high volume production environment. Applying our system to your application will result in shortened lead times while maintaining high reliability at a competitive price.

AUTORIV system solutions benefits fasteners assembly joining prozess

Special Fasteners and Custom Automation:

Automated assembly of spacer and rivet nut on a sheet metal in a transfer die. The assembly of the fasteners happens in only one die station which is 90° degrees to the punch direction. This is performed in a very small work envelope.

Automated assembly of a special rivet designed by Autoriv and a glide bushing (wall thickness of 0.5 mm) by flanging with calibration of the internal diameter in a progressive die.