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We provide complete systems of fasteners and automation technology

With us, you get all services from only one company: We offer you various joining processes and a wide range of fasteners and automations. We have a solution for all your fastening needs.

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We are your service partner all your fastening needs

From choosing the best fastening technology to development of the fastener together with the automation, prototype manufacturing, application testing and full production delivery and logistics you get all from only one company.

One contact partner

We cover all processes and are on hand to support you in all areas without intersections. Thus, you have only one direct contact partner who supports you in all phases of your project with many years of experience and know-how. We take a comprehensive view of your application and find the best solution quickly and effectively. As a result, even non-obvious cost reduction potentials can be uncovered and utilized.

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Only one service partner supporting you in all aspects of your project