Article | 06.12.19

Combination of clinch nut and disc


For the setting in closed profiles
Processing in spaces that are difficult to access

Suitable for the processing:

- in extruded profiles

- in very spall installation spaces

- in spaces that are difficult to access

  • Tried-and-tested and patented setting procedure
  • Freely variable dimensions of nut and disc
  • Fully-automatic, reliable processing
  • Cost savings due to one-stage processing
  • Various special solutions possible

Advantages of the combination of clinch nut and disc

  • The stability of the combination is a lot higher compared to the blind rivet
  • Spaces that are difficult to access (e. g. closed aluminum profiles) can be processed
  • Patented setting procedure close to serial production without opening the profile
  • The rigidity of the component is maintained
  • Setting of several element combinations at the same time - shortened cycle times
  • Setting of two elements in one step (nut and disc)
  • Application in aluminum profiles from 2 mm wall thickness, depending on the individual application

Application comparison: Blind rivet / nut-disc-combination

MDS innovation for high-strength applications compared to common solutions.

Application comparison-blind-rivet-nut-disc-combination
  •   Limited stability
  •   Hardness of the element
  •   Stability dependent on the screw joint
  •   Low pulling force
  •   Small contact surface
  •   High stability
  •   Hardness is freely selectable
  •   Independent from the screw joint
  •   High pulling forces due to:
    •    adjustable geometry
    •    large contact surface available
    •    no setting behavior

Wall thickness > 4,5 mm

  •    Also available as an individual part for small sheet thicknesses
  •    Low height
  •    Flush fitting
  •    High pulling force
  •    No setting behavior

Wall thickness > 2 mm

Fields of application for the combination of nut and disc

  • Suitable for the processing in extruded profiles, 
  • e. g. e-mobility, crash elements, module carriers
  • Processing in very small spaces
  • Processing in spaces that are difficult to access
  • Utility vehicles / agricultural machines
  • Battery carriers in electric vehicles
  • High-strength screw connections
  • Components with undercut or overlap
  • As stop surface and chemical isolator
  • Mainly for the application in aluminum components
  • Other materials are available upon request at any time
Setting in closed profiles
Clinch nuts for the automation of profiles
Exemplary clinch nuts

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