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MQTT Interface

We use the MQTT communication protocol for the derivation of quality data. The protocol is used in the industry for sending very short information directly via the machines.

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Derivation of quality data

Via MQTT the message is sent from our assembly system. This data can be received by a computer or mobile device. You will also receive from us the appropriate software for the computer, which stores quality data of the assembly system.

To use the MQTT protocol, an intranet or internet connection of the machine is required. In order for the messages to arrive, they are sent via a topic. Only if the recipient queries the topic can the message be delivered.

The quality data are visualized with the MDS Quality Data Viewer. The changes in parameters, evaluation of error messages, window data, as well as alive and up messages are sent and provided with a time stamp.

Quality data can be viewed and compared directly. Parameter changes made can be quickly located, traced and changed. This may also help you to avoid service operation.