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We have an integrated view of your application and are happy to support you in development processes. Here you will find our complete range of services. Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

einsparungpotenziale von Automatisierungen und Verbindungselemente

Product teardowns are an excellent way to increase your efficiencies. Working with your application, our engineers can often find ways to consolidate the total number of fasteners you need, in addition to recommending more effective fastening and automated assembly solutions. Product teardowns can save thousands of dollars in costs, along with providing increased end-product reliability.

Analyse von Montageprozessen bei der Verarbeitung von Verbindungselementen

In cooperation with your manufacturing team, we analyze the fasteners in combination with the assembly process. We can offer potential opportunities to reduce overall manufacturing Cost. Furthermore, we look to identify potential quality improvements through appropriate process controls. We present these results in the form of a cost saving evaluation.

design development support design assembly systems services AUTORIV

We use a variety of methods to evaluate the many different aspects of an application. Simultaneous engineering, application analysis and hands- on testing are all used to examine material, assembly requirements and proper attachment design. We can then work with you to help ensure maximum performance from every fastener you require. For the best results, we recommend that you utilize an AUTORIV specialist in the initial phase of your product design.

Ganzheitliche Betrachtung von Automatisierungen Rohkarrosseriebau

With our unique capabilities we are not just looking at the best fastening solution and method, but also on the most efficient way for the fastening assembly. We understand that the fastener price is a small part of the total in place cost of the fastener and the majority of the cost is in the assembly of the fastener. Our expertise combines every aspect of your production needs. As we are not only a fastening company we offer a comprehensive approach ensuring minimized production costs by increasing product quality, thus helping you compete and win in a global market. We will supply you a full package consisting of fastener and automation.

AUTORIV services application test fasteners

AUTORIV’s test labs have the ability to set fasteners in your application in a way that simulates your production environment. We perform push out and torque out tests for every application before we specify a fastening system. At the end of our application testing, we will issue a report that gives you our recommended fastening system and the performance numbers that we can guarantee. This will allow you to confidently propose cost saving ideas to your customers.

AUTORIV services 100 percent sorting inspection fastenern nuts rivets studs

Our fasteners are 100% vision inspected before they are packaged. These inspections ensure that the fasteners are dimensionally stable and will function well in our equipment. Saving money by eliminating inspection will result in spending more money due to decreased reliability in production. This is the main reason why we prefer to offer both fasteners and automation as a complete system.

Portfolio fasteners services AUTORIV

We have established a unique network of fastener manufacturers around the globe that manufacture quality fasteners to our design specifications. If you have a preferred fastener source, we are willing to work with them on every aspect that is needed to get a reliable fastener for your application. You also have the option of whether you want us to supply the fastener directly to you, or work with our certified local fastener source. In either case we will be your first point of contact, if you need assistance. For every application we will perform application testing to ensure that the fastener meets your requirements. When we work with a certified fastener source delivery, and quality of the fastener will be their responsibility.

automation modules services AUTORIV

We will work directly with your integrator or die shop and supply them with all necessary automation modules tailored to the specific application and fastener. We will supply 3D models, prints and any other information they need to successfully integrate our modules into their systems.

turnkey systems automated fasteners assembly services AUTORIV

We can supply turn-key automation solutions consisting of automated hand tools, semi-automated work stations, dies with integrated automated assemblies, transfer-lines and rotary table automation as well as full robotic cells.

Vendor Managed Inventory VMI services AUTORIV

We offer a very comprehensive VMI program for special customer products. For example, we not only deliver the required elements for the manufacturing of hinges, but also offer comprehensive supplemental development support (appropriate automation design of fastening elements, the joining method, the automation method, and the automation concept) and even the complete delivery of the automation system. As a result, we are a single-source partner for all areas of production.