Spin-pull process

High-strength structural connection alternative to a blind rivet nut in closed-shape profiles without opening.

Spin-pull process Autoriv clinch nut spacer cross-section profile closed
Cross-section of a clinch nut and spacer combination in a closed profile

The patented spin-pull process provides automated setting of clinch nuts, rivet nuts, rivet washers or tank nuts in closed profiles with one-sided accessibility.

Often, a blind rivet nut does not meet the the expected strength requirements for the subsequent screw joint. The better solution for high-strength structural connections is provided by clinch nuts and rivet nuts, if necessary combined with a washer or spacer.

Rivet nuts and clinch nuts can withstand significantly higher loads due to their larger diameter and height. Hence, this structural connection can resist much higher forces from any load direction.

autoriv fasteners automation joining process clinch parts spin pull process fasteners insert nut rivet nut washer spacer
AUTORIV combination of nut and spacer - Washers, clinch and rivet nuts, spacers

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