Orbital riveting

A rivet is inserted into a single- or multi-layer pre-punched component and tumbled.

In orbital riveting as a joining process of fasteners, the protruding rivet collar is dented in a circular movement of the die. This deformation occurs with high axial force. The joining process of orbital riveting consists of two working steps. First inserting the fastener, second the forming on the orbital riveting machine. This joining process is also particularly suitable for installing heavy-duty functional elements such as ball studs. In their role as ball joints for gas springs, they have to withstand very high lateral loads.


Ball pin rivet stud as alternative

Orbital riveting is relatively cost-intensive because a bodywork panel is passed through several processing steps. An effective and cost-saving alternative is press riveting in a single step. Our BPR (Ball Pin Rivet) stud is installed directly during cold forming of metal sheets in the press. With the appropriate BPR setting head, these rivet ball studs are processed fully automatically in stamping and forming tools.

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