Article | 19.02.20

Presence and error detection for bushings

  • Presence and error detection for bushings

  • For a fully automatic assembly in the tool

Process depiction assembly under the press for bushings

Advantages of the presence and error detection for bushings

  • Maximum safety in the overall process
  • Real-time presence and error detection
  • Continuous and safe production
  • Precise path recording and evaluation
  • Evaluation of each individual insertion process possible
  • OK / NOK shown on display
  • Space-saving, compact design

Query via the integrated sensor system in the installed die head

  • In AUTORIV A100 insertion units, a "fastener in insertion position" query is made via the integrated sensor system in the installed die head.
  • An optional module for presence and error detection is optionally available. An OK or NOK message is issued in a downstream test module.

AUTORIV presence and error detection with the PAB module

  • An optional process evaluation is available as well. The clinching process is monitored and an OK or NOK message as well as a bushing present Yes / No message is issued.
  • The PAB module is designed for the installation in a press-tool, e. g. on the base plate / pressure pad.
  • A data line transfers the process data to the controller.
  • The process data can optionally be visualized graphically and can be edited in the controller.

In addition to that, AUTORIV offers further versions for customer-specific applications.

Bushings bearing bushings with setting head
Exemplary bushings / bearing bushings
Error detection presence detection FTP clinching elements

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