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Combination of rivet nut and spacer/ washer

The combination of rivet nut and spacer/ washer is used for a wide range of functions and applications

  • Suitable for parts shaped by internal high pressure forming (hydroforming), aluminum profiles, etc.
  • Processing in very small spaces
  • Fully-automatic, reliable processing
  • Cost savings due to one-stage processing
  • Various special solutions possible

Advantages of the combination of rivet nut and spacer/ washer

  • Three processes are handled by a single-stage processing
  • High torque, push-out and pull-through forces possible
  • The fasteners are developed at the same time as the automation technology
  • Combination of two clinching processes and one riveting process
  • Freely variable dimensions of rivet nut and spacer/ washer
  • One central contact for both fasteners and automation
  • More than just a system solution
  • More than just a joining process
  • More than just a standard solution
  • Quick cycle time and high availability

Fields of application for the combination of rivet nut and spacer/ washer

  • Suitable for the processing in extruded profiles, 
  • e. g. electric cars, crash boxes, module carriers
  • Processing in very small spaces
  • Processing in spaces that are difficult to access
  • Utility vehicles / agricultural machines
  • Battery trays in electric vehicles
  • High-strength screw connections
  • Components with undercut or overlap
  • As stop surface and chemical isolator
  • Mainly for the application in aluminum components
  • Other materials are available upon request at any time
Rivet nut spacer washer combination technology blog AUTORIV

Fastener and automation for optimal results

The quality of the fastener to be processed limits or maximizes the possibilities for automation. In order to achieve the best possible result, we provide you with the right fastener and a perfectly matched automation solution, seamless process monitoring, comprehensive documentation, and complet traceability.

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