Article | 23.03.20

Blind rivet nut by AUTORIV

The AUTORIV blind rivet nut is an optional custom fastener when a standardized blind rivet nut cannot be used in automation. Blind rivet nut by MDS AUTORIV for a higher performance, application in marginal sheet thicknesses or complicated hole positions. 

The standard blind-rivet nut as the overall standard and its disadvantages

Many manufacturers of fasteners have been able to bring in their product portfolio in numerous projects over the years and decades. Thus, they have been able to develop a rich pool of experience and to standardize as many products as possible. The resulting enhancement of the industry cannot be denied. Uniform fasteners and standardized automation lead to less expensive assembly systems and low production costs

However, the application of blind rivet nuts is still often overlooked. At first sight, these applications seem to be standardized, but still don't correspond to the standard for blind rivet nuts because of high performance rates, low sheet thicknesses or complicated hole positions. If standard elements would be used in these cases, delivery problems, rework and trouble would be inevitable. 

Automation of blind rivet nuts

Review and evaluate the application of blind rivet nuts and their automation in an unbiased manner.

We check every blind-rivet nut application and approaches the requirements for the automation of a blind-rivet nut impartially. The customers can thus be provided with fitting blind-rivet nuts as standard or special elements that satisfy their individual needs in order to establish a basis of trust. MDS is able to achieve this because of the long-term experience with different types of fasteners in the field of blind inserts, as well as their processing. 


Practical example of a blind-rivet nut in an MDS setting unit

A recent application of blind-rivet nuts in an MDS assembly system led to problems regarding the performance values and the hole detection. The selected standard element by a competitor was used beyond the border area and could thus no longer fulfill the requirements. 

Solution: blind-rivet nut by AUTORIV as an alternative special element

Through optimizations in the clamping area and the threading tip, MDS has been able to guarantee the performance of the blind-rivet nut as well as its successful setting process. These adjustments in combination with an optimized supply chain for the lateral entry into the series, the production can now be continued without any problems.

Special applications

Since MDS is not only able to customize fasteners but also to adjust the system technology accordingly, our customers are guaranteed a full package always matching individual applications.

The first picture shows a standard blind-rivet nut. The second picture shows the reworked blind-rivet nut by AUTORIV.

standard blind-rivet nut automation AUTORIV
Standard blind rivet nut
optimized blind-rivet nut by AUTORIV automation
Optimized blind-rivet nut
autoriv fasteners automation more than standard solution special fasteners blind inserts blind rivet nut blind rivet stud
AUTORIV Blind Inserts - Blind rivet nuts and blind rivet studs


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