A000 feeding unit for setting heads

The operation of AUTORIV A100 setting heads is designed for the use with an AUTORIV A000 feeding unit. The control of the setting heads as well as the interface to the supervisory control is included in the feeding unit.

The feeding unit is set up easily accessible outside of the tool's danger zone. Using different mechanical processes, it loads and separates the fasteners. The fasteners are supplied to the setting head with compressed air through a special shot tube. 

One feeding unit can supply up to 8 setting heads with fasteners. 

Example of a feeding unit with options

A000 feeding unit A100 setting heads fasteners processing AUTORIV

Feeding unit dimensions in mm - length x width x height (x,y,z/z1):

Feeding unitXYZZ1
ClassicSys/ FlexSys-A1-S7 12001200 mm1600 mm1250 mm1850 mm
ClassicSys/ FlexSys-A1-S7 600600 mm1600 mm1250 mm1850 mm


750 mm950 mm1200 mm1700 mm