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Mobile robotic tools

AUTORIV A230 - mobile robotic tools with automated fasteners feeding and automatic magazine loading or continuous feeding via shot hoses. The AUTORIV A230-BI setting tool enables automatic processing of blind rivet fasteners. The tools are operated in combination with the A000-A2 feeding unit.

Processing of following fastening elements is available:

Examples: Mobile robotic tools - automated processing of blind rivet fasteners

A230-BI insertion unit for blind rivet fasteners

Mobile robotic tools for processing of blind rivet nuts and studs

A230-BI robotic tools processing blind rivet fasteners

Advantages of the robotic tools

  • Extremely short cycle time
  • High flexibility
  • Cost savings by eliminating the need for manual assembly of the elements
  • Efficient tool movements with minimal wear and tear
  • Active tolerance compensation system ± 0,5 mm, MDS patent
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Feeding system and control outside of the robot cell
  • Physical Value determination and data check
  • data retrieval and digitalization with MDS-VIS +
  • MDS - All IN ONE control module



Technical details

The AUTORIV A230-BI setting tool is generally designed for automatic processing of blind rivet fasteners. The force is controlled by a hydropneumatic pressure booster and a hydraulic cylinder. The tool is carried by the robotic unit. It already contains partial electrical and pneumatic components. An additional pneumatic box contains all of the electric and pneumatic components used. Furthermore, the hydropneumatic booster is located on the frame of the pneumatic box.

A230 mobile robotic tools assembly blind rivet fasteners nuts

Further technical data:

 Insertion unitPneumatic box
lenght x width x height (x,y,z)350 mm x 280 mm x 950 mm275 mm x 625 mm x 1120 mm
Pneumatic supply6 bar 
Compressed air consumption*approx. 18,9 l / cycle 
Electrical supply24 V / DC 
Power supply4 A 
Press-in forceup to 18 kN / 40 kN 
Cycle time*5,2 s 
Insertion strokeMax. 7 mm 
Weightapprox. 30 kg 
Sound emission*approx. 78 dB (A) 

* Based on a standard fastener M6 with 11 cycles per minute; <22 kN press-in force.

Special adaptations of the  A230-BI insertion unit are possible upon request at any time, depending on customers requirements.

Operation of the 230-BI tools is only possible in combination with an A000-A2 feeding unit.


Processing of blind rivet fasteners

The quality of fasteners limits or maximizes the automation possibilities

A fastener that is optimally matched to the automatic processing ensures extremely high availability. For this reason, AUTORIV consistently offers fasteners that are designed to fit the associated automation.

The A230-BI mobile robotic tool stands for a fully automatic, process-safe and high-quality processing of blind rivet nuts and blind rivet bolts with thread sizes M5 to M10 for nuts and M5 to M8 for bolts.

AUTORIV A230 mobile robotic tools automated fasteners assembly blind rivets

The joining of parts made of thin and thick sheet metal, as well as plastic is possible. The processing of blind rivet nuts and studs of the BI-series is done with pilot hole in the component.

Blind rivet nuts are available with round and hexagonal shaft. The outer diameter or head diameter is min. 10 mm to max. 22, the total height is min. 13 mm to max. 30 mm.

Blind rivet studs are available with a round shaft. The shaft length is max. 30 mm, the outer diameter of the head min. 10 mm to max. 22 mm.

Individual solutions for blind rivet fasteners are possible upon request.


Flyer download - mobile robotic tools for fully automatic assembly of blind rivet fasteners


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