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Stationary work stations

AUTORIV A220 - stationary pedestal work stations with manual or automated feeding of fasteners and small components. The machine operator handles the component. AUTORIV A220-PD is an insertion unit for process-safe assembly of clinching fasteners: rivet nuts, clinch studs, press-in nuts, self-piercing studs and nuts.

Processing of following fastening elements is available:

Examples: Work stations - assembly of clinching and blind rivet fasteners

A220-PD work station for clinching fasteners

Insertion unit for clinch studs, rivet nuts, press-in nuts, self-piercing studs and nuts

A220 insertion unit workstation assembly clinch fasteners

This manual work station impresses with its modular design. The A220-PD setting unit is generally designed for processing of bolts and nuts. Depending on the area of application and task, different product variants and sizes are available. The force is transmitted via a hydro-pneumatic pressure booster and a hydraulic cylinder.

The base of the C-frame contains all electrical and pneumatic components and protects them from dirt or damage. The integrated safety system also makes it possible to feed manually and hold the profiles during the setting process by hand. The massive C-frame is designed for 80 kN or 150 kN compression force, depending on the version.

Special adaptations of the insertion unit are possible upon request at any time.



Process monitoring

The process monitoring of the 220-PD insertion unit can be carried out in different ways. Whether an insertion process was successful or not, is determined by the end position detection of the feed and the final pressure in the hydraulic system.

Process evaluation via the control software of the operating panel can be added as an option. A special monitoring function is used to set a successful insertion process as a reference.

As soon as the insertion process matches specified reference values, it is evaluated as successful. The pressure sensor of the hydraulic cylinder measures the final pressure.

Further advantages of work stations

Active tolerance compensation

The active, patented tolerance compensation is possible by means of a floating matrix for nuts. For bolts, the compensation is performed by floating robot gripper.

Active tool protection

The power stroke is only triggered if the fastener is successfully delivered to the component.

Active preliminary examination

Due to the integrated position measuring system, the power stroke is only triggered if the feed happens within a predefined path tolerance.

Significantly lower air consumption

Compact design

The insertion unit and feeding system have compact dimensions and can be installed to save space.

Easy accessibility

The positioning of the A000 feeding unit outside the robotic cell provides the highest accessibility for the operator and the service personnel.

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