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Fully automated assembly of fasteners in-die

AUTORIV A100 setting heads - automated system for processing of fasteners in-die, under the press in stamping dies and forming tools. The system is suitable for progressive and transfer dies. The setting heads are operated with the A000 feeding unit and controlled via the MDS - ALL IN ONE module. Optional modules are available for evaluation of the force-displacement process and for presence and error detection (PAB head).

Standard models of setting heads: PAN for vertical assembly of clinch nuts, self-piercing nuts and rivet nuts, HRN for stand offs / spacers, FHS for clinch studs, PAB for glide bearings, BPR for rivet ball studs, KOS-HS for clinch studs with guiding part, JAI for snap-in nuts, CNH for horizontal assembly of clinch nuts.

Processing of following fastening elements is available:

Examples: Setting heads for press-in nuts, clinch studs and glide bearings

A100 setting heads

Fully automatic fasteners assembly systems for stamping dies and forming tools

A100 Setzköpfe Montagesysteme Verarbeitung Verbindungselemente Zuführung

Advantages of setting heads

Extremely short cycle time
Since fasteners are loaded parallely to the insertion process, the loading time does not add to the cycle time.

Compact design
Both the insertion head and the feeding system have compact dimensions and can therefore be installed in a space-saving manner.

High degree of automation
All components are designed for a fully automatic, process-safe assembly.

One operation
Self-piercing fasteners (nuts, bushings, bolts) for the processing in one operation without pilot holes (also usable as clinch fasteners with pilot holes) with an optional lead detection.

Good accessibility
Since the A000 feeding unit is positioned outside the danger zone of the tool, it provides optimal accessibility for the operator and the service staff.

System technology from one source
The complete system incorporates the experience and field tested technology from more than 45 years of development time. The innovative mechanics of the system ensure minimal susceptibility to faults.

Technical details

The setting head is placed inside the stamping tool. Depending on the application, several setting heads can be clocked via the tool movement. A supervisory system controls the insertion of the fasteners. As soon as the fastener is in the right position, the insertion process begins. Electrical components and the feeding unit are placed outside the danger zone of the tool.

A100 PAN setting head in-die automation clinch nuts details
Components of a PAN setting head for press-in nuts


Further technical information:

  • Coupling and separating the insertion head connection from the tool via central connector
  • Removal and installation of the insertion head as a unit
  • Fixation by means of a fitting system
  • Supply of the insertion head with fasteners via quickly connectable shot tube

Processing of various fasteners

The setting heads are available in several standard models for clinching, self-piercing and riveting fasteners, slide bearings and snap-in nuts. Individual solutions for your specific needs are possible on request.

various fasteners autoriv setting heads processing clinching riveting nuts studs

Setting heads in technology blog

Read our technology blog for more information on the A100 product series setting heads.


Flyer download - setting heads for fasteners assembly under the press in stamping dies and forming tools

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