Article | 24.03.20

MDS - ALL IN ONE controller module

For press-fit, blind-rivet and screw elements

Overview of the controller module's advantages

  • Uniform user interface 
  • Short training period
  • Robot interface to the customer interface
  • Many diagnostic options
  • Modular structure
  • Arbitrarily expandable system
FTP, USB und SSD Prozessdaten

MDS - ALL IN ONE controller module: Operating philosophy

The uniform user interface is the same in all of our MDS products. 

Therefore, there are very little training needs for different setting units.
We are also able to operate several setting heads with one control.

We thereby focus on many diagnostic options, such as the display of all sensors, travel times of cylinders, counters for all error messages to be able to determine accumulations easier, as well as the logging of programm steps which significantly facilitates the service.

Our modular system facilitates the production of our machines. 
Furthermore, this system is arbitrarily expandable. 
Example: BI, PD and many more press applications

Easy navigation in the uniform user interface is possible via a self-explanatory symbol bar in the main menu (bottom area of the display). Several languages can be selected in the language menu. 

MDS - ALL IN ONE controller module: User interface

Display of the Roboter interface
Step sequence Analysis Fasteners
fasteners error statistic controller interface
fasteners user interface controller module
Fasteners display of the actuator independent sensors

MDS - ALL IN ONE controller module: Performance spectrum

  • Home-button as central entry and return point for the home page
  • Hand functions for the control of actuators
  • Sensor display for the display of actuator-independent sensors
  • Force-displacement evaluation for the depiction of force-displacement curves
  • Additional option to save quality data on an SD card or USB flash drive. Data can be retrieved via FTP.
  • Loading and saving parameters on a CF-card
  • Customer interface with interface diagnostic for additional diagnostic options in test mode
  • System diagnostics for analyzing the hardware system 
  • Display of error messages and program analysis 
  • Step sequence analysis
  • Display of robot interface to the customer interface 
mds.all-in-one-controller modul

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